Promoting Your Brand’s Loyalty Program

January 22, 2021

There’s a tremendous potential for your loyalty program to succeed, but only if you can leverage certain platforms to market its promises. To maximise enrolment, you should promote your loyalty program aggressively, and here, we present you with some ways to do just that!

Implementing your loyalty program is just one step of a gruelling, but very worthy, endeavour. You can spot a successful loyalty program if you can determine exactly the number of people who know about it. After all, your exciting rewards program is nothing without its audience! So what you need to do is promote it aggressively to eventually prompt audience membership and their continuous engagement. You could do this by targeting campaigns to make customers feel appreciated for their actions or getting marketing experts on board to do the job for you.


E-commerce brands who get most of their sales from website purchases (even those who don’t), could insert a creative and catchy explainer page for their loyalty program on their website. It needs to have a specific link, and should be enticing enough to engage page visitors. Therefore, you have to make sure that the link to the explainer page is visible from your landing page. The page should clearly define aspects of your loyalty program: the enrolment process, how to “earn points”, “redeem points”, loyalty tiers members are entitled to, additional “hooks” like exclusive content only they have access to, the format available, and how they could access the loyalty program (app or reward cards).



It’s one thing for you to advertise on social media, but another to be advertised by your own customers! Goals! People are more likely to find your brand and services on social media, and this is not at all surprising since most people have access to it on their handy mobile devices. A Sprout Social study, cited by, noted that 53% of consumers are more likely to consider brands that are transparent on social media. Somehow, the ease and comfort that social media gives an individual translates to better engagement with loyalty programs, and therefore to brands. Choose then to leverage some of the largest social media platforms and advertise your loyalty program there. You can encourage your members to make incentivised social media actions like share your social media content on their respective accounts, or you can reward them if they post about your loyalty program, an organic and very effective method to getting the word out! This way, you can tap into your members’ social networks, which may encourage other people to engage and enroll. But of course, we can’t just rely on user-generated content; you can flash the exciting benefits yourself! Here’s a sample from Starbucks in 2017.




Outside social media, you can employ a bunch of trusty email boost softwares. The email marketing tool you use right now can help you target the customers in your mail list. If they’re not aware that you’ve launched a rewards program, sending them a newsletter with a clear yet concise explanation and a call-to-action button can greatly help. This makes it easier for you to inform current customers about the loyalty program and invite them to be one of the first members!


If you’re an e-commerce website, this should be very easy; you can simply inject your invitation into your product descriptions or even “intercept” with a simple notification during check-out. Other brands offer an initial reward like discount on a customer’s first purchase if they’re willing to enroll to the program before check-out. Post-purchase, you can alert customers of additional points they could get for writing product or service reviews. The more you inject rewards in different areas of your website, the more likely will your customers know about it and engage with your brand!


One of the most vital promoters of your loyalty program are your employees. But before they can prompt others to enroll, you must first educate them about all of the necessary details they have to know about. After all, they can’t advertise what they don’t know! Whether you’re dealing with a staff that does most of their work online, or a team situated in a physical store, they must be knowledgeable enough to respond to certain customer queries. Another statistics worth noting from Access Development is that 74% of consumers appreciate knowledgeable in-store staff because this amplifies their brand experience; it makes them feel special! Other companies do this by creating a “pitch” that serves as guides. Your employees should also be ready to accommodate customers who actually show signs of interest to enroll. There’s a ton of ways to ensure that your employees are not in the dark when it comes to your loyalty program; save your employees from some common marketing errors by following this guide from Fivestars.

Like any business endeavours, you have to be comfortable in marketing your loyalty program in ways that fit your objectives. Remember to focus on a single objective when you market your loyalty program: informing people (both existing and potential customers) about its existence. Here we presented you with some ways to go about it and attract people’s participation!